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Frosted trees
 The Long-Awaited 2nd Album
Blank Notebook

From the far off land of human dwellers, a Traveler ventured to a realm where few have dared go, a land ruled by the Snow Queen and stewarded by her daughter, Lumina. The Winter Solstice has returned. Magic and power are at their magnitude in this winter citadel. The Traveler reflecting on this new land happens upon Lumina singing with winter sprites; remaining stealth, the Traveler is mesmerized. 


A celebration of the Winter Solstice ensues and all are invited, even the newcomer, if only to keep a closer eye. Upon meeting, Lumina is struck by the Traveler’s unpredictable, wild nature. Seeking council with The Lady of Lorien, Lumina reveals her heart. Lumina and the Traveler meet again and confess their desires. The Snow Queen, watching, amasses a fierce winter storm, swearing to protect her daughter at all costs. 

 Alone, the Traveler fears that past deeds will stain Lumina’s purity. Lumina, knowing her fate, kisses the Traveler and immediately begins to melt away, for Lumina is made of snow embodying the winter spirit itself. Utterly shattered, the Snow Queen laments the loss of her only child. The Traveler, unwilling to accept this loss, urges the Snow Queen to use her magic to rewrite history and bring Lumina back to life. The Snow Queen joins forces with the Traveler, and through divine alliance, Lumina miraculously resurrects into form. Now capable of feeling the full breadth of human emotion, Lumina embraces both her mother and the Traveler. The Snow Queen rejoices and all celebrate Lumina’s revival under a night of a thousand stars.

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Featured on international press & radio
original story, music and characters inspired from folklore
dive deeper into the winter world . . .
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A M A Z I N G   F A N S
“ViVA’s debut album, Nothing Else Matters, delivered this indisputable wow-factor, and their new sophomore follow-up promises even more. Creating a full storyline spun out of fantasy and folklore, with mythical characters from Danish and Russian folk tales, to boot, all the music is being written by the Trio, fusing styles and defying categorization.”
Amplify Music Magazine

“WILD and FREE features a symphony of atmospheric instrumentation and pensive production, all of which culminate in a truly ethereal sound.”

Wonderland Magazine

“A centerpiece track of their upcoming concept album, WILD and FREE serves up cinematic drama and fantasy with an epic symphonic track and soaring vocals, leading the listener through a rich neoclassical path.”

Nagmag Online Music Magazine

i N   T H E   p r e s s

W I N T E R   L E G E N D S


O N   T H E   R A D I O

W I N T E R   L E G E N D S

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“Set to inspire a magical dance of nature spirits celebrating the change of seasons,  award-winning Canadian group ViVA Trio have released their stunning first foray into folk music with new single, “Solstice Jig.”
CASHBOX Music Magazine
“ViVA Trio's LORIEN is a magnificent fairytale with enchanting atmosphere and three crystal voices, which can feed our imagination with mystical magic and sacred places.”
Nagamag Music Magazine
ViVA Trio
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